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Robert D. Hyden, DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Attorney

Highly educated and experienced in the practice of law, Robert “Bob” has been successful throughout his legal career. Fighting for the legal rights of people whether the case is civil or criminal, he has often taken on cases that others deemed unwinnable, coming away from court victorious.

With a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, and a Doctorate, not including his graduation from the police academy and being a former police officer, he has knowledge as to the intricacies of our criminal justice system including DUI defense, wrongful arrest, criminal law, and personal injury cases. He has had over two hundred articles published and has one book under copyright. Bob has appeared on television numerous times and has been a guest speaker on a university level.

Bob believes in integrity, honesty, and the aggressive representation of his clients. He has been highly successful in both the civil and criminal courts winning impressive victories in court and on the appellate level. He has successfully practiced in all of the major courts in and outside the Atlanta metro area garnering the appreciation of his clients and the respect of the court. Known for his aggressive representation Bob’s success in court has been great indeed.

We welcome your interest in THE HYDEN LAW FIRM. We have experience resolving simple and complex cases, we are ready to help you


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